Tuesday, October 31

Day one!

Well, we made it! We had a really good dining experience at Metro Airport in Detroit before we even left. We snacked at a wine bar called Vino Volo. We shared a wine flight and I had lamb meatballs and Emily had a Brie and prosciutto sandwich. Both were delicious and so was the wine. A nice surprise good meal! We had a very nice, direct flight from Detroit to Paris. That was nice! We sat in the bulkhead seats so we were really feeling luxurious. We made it to Paris and had about an hour wait at customs and then over and hour in a taxi during rush hour to get to our Airbnb in the Marais. It's a cozy little place that's just perfect for us! It's right in the center of the Jewish Quarter which is a very trendy and cool area. Paris is becoming an old friend to Emily and I. It was very calming to walk around the city we know so well. We recognize more and more the more we come here, of course. I have to say, that's a great feeling to feel in a huge, intimidating city like this. We started off with a nice little nap because we both don't sleep well on the plane. Then it was off to sightsee. We started as any trip to Paris should, in front of Notre Dame there is a plaque that says "Point Zero" that's the geographic center of Paris. Where it all began and all points lead there! Then we entered Notre Dame. It's been a long time since we have been inside Notre Dame and the word impressive just doesn't do it justice. It's SO massive and gorgeous. Amazing to think it was built such a long time ago. We toured the Church and spent some time all around Ile De Cite', one of the two islands in the middle of the Seine where Paris truly was born a couple thousand years ago. Then we walked back to our apartment to call family, let them know we are ok and get ready for dinner. We took our first Meteo trips of the year from our local metro stop that's about 2 blocks away and went to the same restaurant we went to last year on our first day, La Jacobine. We found it last year by looking online for the best French Onion Soup in Paris, French Onion Soup being one of the few foods that is truly from Paris! La Jacobine did not disappoint!! We had the same waiter we had last year and it was great to see him again. He didn't remember us, but we made sure he will next year!! LOL. We had a fantastic meal, the first of many on this journey! Emily had duck in a mushroom sauce and I had chicken Tagine, a African style chicken dish that was delicious, but I must admit, Emily's was better! Her duck was perfection!! We split two desserts, a light fluffy cheesecake, not as good as mine, but delicious nonetheless:). Our other dessert was a vanilla bean Mille fuille with raspberries it was amazing. We are thinking of making Mille fuille sometime for the store. It's just so darn good!!! We walked back to the apartment and are ready for bed, exhausted from jet lag with full bellies. Another wonderful day in Paris!! Thanks for following our adventures! We have 27 days left! Lots of stories and pictures so make sure you check back daily! :). We love you all!!

Emily and Brian

Monday, October 23

Our trip begins!

That French palace is closed until November 30th as we begin another European Adventure! We have some personal business to take care of this week and then we leave for Paris Monday, October 30th. So the pictures and the stories will begin soon after that! Please keep following us here to keep track of our fun! We will be posting links on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you can find us easily. Thanks for all the support. We love you all!