Friday, November 1

Fall 2019 Day 12

Ok, one reason why you all should come on at least one tour with Emily and I is for days like today!  Today was the Louvre day, but not just any Louvre day, it was Louvre day with Leonardo Da Vinci day!!  If you haven’t read about the exhibition they have put together at the Louvre to honor Da Vinci’s 500th anniversary of his death please go online and look it up and read an article about it because it truly is a once in a lifetime event that I had read about in time and gotten our whole group tickets to see it. I can’t possibly explain how amazing what they’ve done is, but I’ll just say, there isn’t a ton of stuff out there that is from Leonardo Da Vinci. He only has 15 paintings that the know for sure are his and 5 paintings that probably are his but they are not 100% sure. So only 20 paintings. We saw 11 of them today!  That’s nuts!  We saw his notebooks with his ideas and inventions and his crazy backwards handwriting!  We saw Vitruvian Man!!  We saw the drawings he made on paper to prepare for a painting, then the charcoal outlines he made on the wood before he painted on it and then the actual painting!!! So we could follow the work of a man who lived over 500 years ago from beginning to end!  It was incredible!  That being said, the louvre is always an exhausting day, with the Leonardo exhibit there it was even worse!  It was 5 hours of time and the crowds were worse than I’ve ever experienced!!  It was amazing, interesting, fascinating, fun and educational, but EXHAUSTING!  We went right from the Louvre to our dinner for tonight. We have gone every year to an Asian restaurant called My Noodle where the owner stands in the front of the store making home made noodles for his dishes and every year it’s one of our very favorite meals!  They make the best egg rolls I’ve ever had!  Their dumplings are to die for!  Then you get to the noodles and it heaven!!  Just look at the pictures, I hate to say it but I only got about half of what we ordered captured because it was so good we all couldn’t wait to dig in!!  It never disappoints!  I would eat there twice a week if there was a place like that close by!  Amazing!!  We took the metro home took a nice stroll back to our apartments and then called it an early night. We all earned the sleep we are gonna have tonight!!!  Enjoy all these pictures because they’re really special!!  Oh, by the way, I finally got myself a real French scarf!  Now I fit in!!  I look and feel so French now!  Let me know what you think of French Brian?  They want me to get a beret, but that’s not happening! LOL

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  1. My comment was lost? Well—once in a lifetime exhibit —-wow and congrats! A scarf would be a great souvenir...hint hint. It’s a start but the William Murray cap screams American :) Your coat is tres magnifique though.