Tuesday, November 12

Fall 2019 Day 23

There’s just something about Rome!  There is no place like it. It energizes us like no other place. What a wonderful day!  Our tour guests made it home!  THANK GOD!  We got to start our day with the best coffee ever!  Then we had our appointed time at the Borghese Gallery. The place that, for my money, is the best museum in Europe!  You have 2 hours to spend as much time as you want in front of each piece of art. Each room has a statue in the center, most by Bernini and they are some of the best you’ll ever see!  I’ve been there at least 5 times and I’m in awe every time!  There’s also the greatest collection of Caravaggio paintings anywhere in the world. He’s the painting version of Bernini and is also one of my favorites. They just speak to me!  I tell everyone who comes to Rome that the Borghese is a cant miss!  Most don’t go because it’s not near any of the other big sites and it takes a reservation. But, I will tell you, seriously, best museum I’ve ever been to!  We were so inspired that after our 2 hours were over, we went to the small church that has Bernini’s real masterpiece, St Theresa in Ecstasy. It is the perfect capper to a Bernini filled morning. See the pictures, it’s amazing!  Such theatrics that you just don’t see in sculpture usually!  We left there and went to the Forum. I’ve been many times, but Emily didn’t get to go when we were here together, so I was really excited to take her there. They have done a great job of making a field of ruined stuff understandable and given you better ability to imagine what it was really like and what it looked like. It never was that way before. It always felt like you were looking at a field of rubble that you knew was really important but that’s it. Now it all makes more sense and that was great!  We had a quick lunch after that and then we went home and napped before going out to dinner. We had dinner at one of our favorite places. It’s on Piazza Navona, one of the best squares in Rome, certainly one of the most beautiful!  It’s a place a customer told us about a few years ago that we went to 2 years ago and, usually we stay away from places in touristy areas like this but we were assured it’s worth it!  It is!  The food is as amazing as we remembered and the setting is as good as it gets!  A wonderful evening of great food, great company in one of the great cities with my great wife, like is pretty great!!!  We are lucky!  Everyone can and should have these experiences. It’s not as hard as it seems. Like I’ve said, I’ll show you how!  Enjoy these pictures, unfortunately, they won’t let you take pictures anymore at the Borghese so I only have a few before we got yelled at. But enjoy them!!  And yes, thanks this program to make this blog decided to put the pictures from last to first so start at the bottom to see the order of the day!  Lol