Thursday, November 14

Fall 2019 Day 25

Ok, so today is gonna be short and sweet. Our friends left to go ahead of us to Sicily and we decided we were going to take the day off and sleep til noon then carry out some pizza and pasta into our beautiful apartment. Talk to our parents and then take a nap until dinner time. We spend our whole year working hard and sometimes sleep just forces it’s way into your life, and today was that day!  We slept probably 15 hours today and we will still sleep tonight. We woke up at dinner time and just walked to the Piazza Navona to one of our very favorite restaurants for the 2nd time in 4 days and had amazing lasagna and ravioli with no wine, no dessert, except the amazing gelato we got afterwards on our way home and just a quick stop instead of the 2-3 hour meals we typically have in Europe. Now we are home and ready for bed. So I have only 3 pictures and no fun stories except that the beauty of being well traveled is that we could stay in our apartment, stare out the window at the Pantheon and call it sightseeing and not feel like we were missing something that we HAD to see. Tomorrow we will have a lot more to show you and to talk about, but until then, this is today!  Enjoy!  

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  1. Sightseeing from your bed is pretty cool!! So glad that you got to rest your weary selves—-in Italy! That’s special!!