Saturday, November 2

Fall 2019 Day 13

Today is one of those days that is always a favorite!  We had a boulangerie cooking class at La Cuisine Paris!  If you ever want to take a cooking class in Paris, you MUST look up La Cuisine Paris and really, you should ask for Justin to teach your class!  They are all fantastic, but we are very partial to Justin!  He remembers us from year to year and even plugs our little restaurant when he can from all the way over here!  He’s a great person and an even better teacher!  We made epi loafs, which look like stalks of wheat, classic baguettes and fougasse which look like a leaf. We all had a blast and we all were pretty darn successful!  Hmmmm, maybe we will offer some of these for special orders???  We will see. That was our morning and like I said, everyone really comes out of the class pumped up and with a lot of great stuff to snack on!  After that we took short naps or went shopping. Then we took that trip that we have to take to the Eiffel Tower at night. As much as I’m totally over it, I must say, it sure does look great from the top of Trocadero Square!  And when it starts sparkling it’s really special. Once we were all done with the viewing, we took a metro ride to one of our other regular places. It’s called Il Etait un Square. We found it a few years ago because out of the like 30,000 restaurants in Paris on TripAdvisor, it’s the #2 rated place!  And it’s just a French burger and steak tartare Place. We have gone back every year because it’s just darn good!  The people are very nice and it’s a great French take on a burger. It’s got a great bun and amazing cheese that’s in the form of a sauce. Emily and I got ours with an egg on it and that’s always a great idea in our book!  It was delicious!!!  We had a 4 dessert sampler and it was yummy, but it really was all about the burger and fries!  We will always go back to that place!  It’s also kinda far out so it’s a good test to show how easy the metro makes it to go anywhere!  I like to try to teach our guests about how wonderful and easy the Paris Metro is. It makes getting around this huge city much less exhausting!  Most of the time they don’t care because I’m there to make sure they get on and off at the right places and they usually just follow me and that’s just fine. But, if they come back without me, they’ll have a little base to build off of and m, who knows, maybe some of them actually will use it successfully on their own. I’d be SO proud!!!  Anyway, we are back home and ready for bed. Tomorrow is our last day in Paris before we head south to Provence. That’s always exciting!  Thanks for still reading. I know without being able to post it on Facebook my readers are dwindling but I really appreciate all of you regulars who follow every day!!  It means a lot to us!  Thanks and I’ll be back, right here tomorrow!!