Sunday, November 3

Fall 2019 Day 14

Today was our last day in Paris until our guests last day next Monday. We leave for Provence tomorrow. That’s always bittersweet. On the one hand, Paris is a tough place to leave, on the other hand, Provence is a great place to have to go to!  We will be in Avignon tomorrow and we love that place!  Today we went to The Musee D’Orsay. The museum that has all the art of the impressionist painters and sculptors from that era as well. It’s a great museum!  They’re constantly moving stuff around which made it very challenging for Emily and I but we managed to make it enjoyable in our special way. 😁   So many of our favorite painters and paintings were moved or are out on loan. That’s always disappointing but that’s part of the experience. Others, who don’t usually get to appreciate those works get the chance and that’s what it’s all about. It just makes our job really tricky. We had a lovely meal in the cafe and I got to try and recreate my picture that’s on the wall of our store. See if you recognize it in the pictures. We spent a really long time at the museum, it was crazy crowded!!  We didn’t get to do anything else today but we took a quick rest and packed for tomorrow’s train trip and then went to another one of our restaurant that we always enjoy. A tapas place right around the corner from where we stay. It never disappoints!  They have really nice food and it’s perfect for us after all these huge meals!  Anyways, we got done and then went home to sleep to prepare for tomorrow. It’s a travel day!  Those are always interesting!  Stay tuned!!!

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