Sunday, November 10

Fall 2019 Day 21

The last day of our tour. We took the train back to Paris and it went very smoothly, which is always great!  We had a driver waiting for us when we got off the train with our name on a sign, FANCY!  Which reminds me, huge shout out to the Hotel Verneuil!  We stayed there on our honeymoon 4 years ago and we stay there on our last day every year because we love them and they make the transport from the airport so easy!  They went above and beyond this year for us!  They sent a car to be waiting for our group when they got through customs 2 weeks ago at the airport with a sign with our tours name on it, they arranged for the car at the train station today for all 7 of us, and they have arranged transportation for all of us to go to the airport tomorrow. Not to mention it’s a gorgeous hotel in the St Germain des Pres area of Paris which is a lovely part of town. I can’t recommend a place higher than I would recommend them!  They treat us like family. Wonderful people!  That’s what we try to share with everyone about our experiences in France. In America we have this idea that French people are all rude, hate Americans, are cold and aren’t helpful at all. We keep coming back because it’s a wonderful country with so much to see and eat!  But, the main reason is the people!  We have made so many friends here over the years and that’s what makes it so special to us!  We want to show everyone that if a French person is rude, or a jerk or yells a lot or treats you poorly, it’s not because they are French so what do you expect, it’s because they are assholes and in no way represent what real French people are like. We can tell you story after story of acts of kindness that we have experienced all over the country, even in Paris!  Not to mention the every day kindness we experience being Americans who speak very little French. Don’t ever be afraid to travel!  The connections you make with people are what stay with you forever. The experiences are amazing, but realizing we are all in this big world together and we are all so much alike no matter what you have been told, is the real lesson of traveling!  Emily and I are so lucky and blessed to live the life we live. We work very hard to have this time in Europe, but it’s worth it when you see all the experiences we are able to have. We are like sponges, constantly learning new things, finding new experiences, learning to be better cooks and making new friends. We are indeed lucky, but anyone can do this if they make it a priority. If you don’t believe me, talk to me and I will show you how!  Enough preaching, back to our last day. We got to our hotel early this afternoon and Emily and I gave everyone free time to enjoy their last Paris afternoon. We went out searching for more great croissants!  One of my favorite things to do. I had read about a place not far from where we are that won best croissant 2018 and came in 4th this year. We went there and they were out of croissants, but they had 4 trays in the oven that were almost done. So we bought a few and waited and watched. We get to see croissants baking all the time but these looked like heaven!  The layers are so obvious and gorgeous!  We took as many pics as we could without seeming too weird!  We got HOT croissants out of the oven and had to let them cool down. When they did, they were incredible!  One of the best ever!  Not as good as the one up on Montmartre, but pretty close!  Another place to add to the list of places to take people to!  After that we napped and then got ready for dinner at our favorite place. The only big restaurant we go to. Every place we go is tiny, with no more than 10-12 tables, this place is huge and we stood in line a half hour before they opened just to get a table!  WORTH IT!!  It’s a place with no menu, they just ask how you want your steak cooked. Then it’s like a race!  They start throwing salad and wine at you then as soon as your done they bring you the most perfectly cooked steak in this bizarre green sauce that’s so amazing you can’t stop eating it and a huge tray of fries. They’ll bring you all you want. They keep filling up your plate until the first platter is finished and they would bring you more if you wanted. I secretly wanted more, but I stopped myself and waited for dessert. I’m a dessert person, but the whole time I was thinking, I’d rather have another plate of steak and frites than dessert. It’s THAT good!!  I realize I don’t usually put the names of the restaurants we go to on here, if you want to know them, ask, they aren’t a secret. In fact, I’d love for everyone who reads this to experience every one of them some day!  Our tour group is leaving tomorrow for home, but Emily and I are staying for 2 more weeks!  We head to Rome early tomorrow morning and we can’t wait!!!  So the blog will continue with all sorts of new adventures!  We can’t thank our tour group enough. We are blessed that we are able to take people with us on these journeys. We want everyone to experience it with us. If this sounds good to you, please contact us and we will tailor a trip just for you!  Life is for living!  Experience the world!  Goodnight all, Au revoir France. Buon giorno Italy!!


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  2. Um green sauce and frites...I’m in!! Beautiful end to a beautiful trip (well, that one...)