Tuesday, November 19

Fall 2019 Day 29

A trip as cross Sicily!  Today was a really long day and I’m starting to come down with a cold, so I need to get to sleep so I’m gonna keep this on the brief side. We left Catania this morning and headed outside of Agrigento. One is in the northeast and one is in the south towards the west. We made two stops on the way, one to Villa Casale de Romana, a hunting lodge for a very important person in the Roman Empire, some think it’s the emperor but most think it was someone who got rich trading exotic animals from around the empire so the Gladiators would have plenty to kill. It was discovered in the 1960s and is still being restored, but basically it is a mansion that is covered all throughout in amazing Roman mosaics!  It was absolutely amazing!  You just can’t imagine the room after room of perfect mosaics. It is a very special place!  We left there and went to a place called castagirone. A town recommended to us by our egg supplier who spent a lot of time in Sicily while he was in the Army. He nailed it!  It was so great. They’re famous for a huge staircase with ceramic tiles all the way up it. It’s huge and really cool!  They have tons of ceramic shops and had some amazing things that we all wish we could bring back with us, but we just don’t have room. We had an amazing lunch!  We were given donkey mortadella, Italian bologna to taste and it wasn’t bad at all. Kind of freaked us out, but tasty!  We ate some amazing sandwiches made by the nicest man!  It was a great experience. Then we hopped in the car for the longest part of the trip, 2 and a half hours all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Wait til you see the pictures I take of where we are. SO nice!  But the driving sure is stressful to get around. I’m glad I’m not driving, but even in the passenger seat it’s intense here in Sicily!  But, we made it safely and tomorrow it’s supposed to rain all day, so we may have a very quiet day, which would be good for me to shake this bug I’m fighting!  Had some great views of Mt Etna again this morning. What an awesome volcano!!  Anyway, thanks for caring and following along. We love you all and miss you. It’s winding down and it feels like it. That’s kinda sad but all great vacations have to end and we will be ready. Thanks for reading!!

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