Saturday, November 23

Fall 2019 Day 34

Last real day!  It’s a sad thing yet a happy thing. It’s been an incredible time and an amazing experience!  We have seen things we couldn’t have imagined. We spent two weeks taking people around France again. We learned more about wine than we have ever learned before!  We drank a lot of wine!  We ate some of the best meals of our lives!  We have seen sights that we had no idea would have the impact and impression on us that they did!  It’s been amazing. Now we get to go home, get our store ready to reopen, spend time with our family and love on our puppy to make up for lost time!!!  That really is the hardest part!  He sacrifices more than anyone with our schedule and then we get to go away without him. He’s the best little guy and he deserves better. We have a lot of making up to do!  We spent our last day sleeping, I’m still not feeling great!  Exploring this beautiful city of Catania!  It gets a bad rap and there are some seedy parts, but where we are is beautiful!  It’s constantly bustling with beautiful people. I’d love to come back to Catania. I look forward to returning to Sicily. A place I knew so little about and really didn’t know what to expect now will be forever a part of my stories of favorite places!  It’s amazing!  Great weather, great food, great wine, tons of history, very proud, kind, generous people, terrible drivers but amazing culture! LOL  Tomorrow we hop on a plane back to Paris and stay at the airport. Monday we come home and see Bubba!  We will be enjoying Thanksgiving with our families before reopening next Saturday! We have lots to bring home, we have to check a bag we are bringing so much home!  That’s a first for us!!  Again, thanks so much for taking this journey with us! We are so proud to know so many people care!  If you are so inspired, talk to us about coming on our spring Italy tour, we have some openings!  Also, we would gladly take a small group on a private tour that we can customize together. We plan everything for you and do all the work, you just come along and enjoy an amazing time!  We have gotten pretty good at it and have really expanded our repertoire of places we feel comfortable taking people!  Most of all, more than anything, I’d like to thank my beautiful, amazing wife, Emily!  She really is the person who allows me to fly and do these things!  Sometimes she is just along for the ride and sometimes she’s the pilot, but always, she’s my purpose in all that I do!  Seeing her happy is the greatest thing in the world and that’s my life’s goal!  She works too hard and we don’t “date” enough, and we live in a crappy apartment and may be there forever for all we know, but, we sure are lucky to have found each other and share these journeys together. I love you Emily!!  Signing off!!

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