Thursday, November 7

Fall 2019 Day 18

Yesterday we fit a lot in!  When that happens it always has repercussions the next day. Everyone was a little slow today so we decided to not push things too hard and just have a day in town seeing the Palace of the Popes, the main reason we are here in Avignon. It’s where the pope moved the Vatican to in the 13th century for about 125 years before moving back to Rome. They built a huge building as the new Vatican showing the signs of the times. Instead of a beautiful church and structures like the Vatican is today, it looks like a huge fortress. We just love it. It’s a really fascinating sight. It paints a picture of a story that most people know little about. They also have this cool iPad like thing that you take through the whole sight and it automatically tells you stories about each room and reconstructs the room as it was when this was the center of the Christian World. It makes the sight even more meaningful. I highly recommend the Palace of the Popes to anyone visiting the south of France. We took about two hours or so and walked through the palace before leaving. It was a rainy day and felt like a good day to not do much so we all went our separate ways, grabbed some lunch and went home to relax before dinner. For dinner tonight Emily and I went to the Avignon indoor market this morning before we all met and bought a whole bunch of stuff for dinner tonight. Rotisserie chicken, smoked sausage, green beans, dauphinois potatoes and of course, delicious baguettes. We went to the ladies apartment, because it’s bigger and cooked it all for everyone so we could have a nice dinner without going out. It was delicious!  Not a ton more to report for the day, but it was a nice day!  Tomorrow the weather should be nicer and we have fun plans!  We will see. Thanks for reading. I’m SO glad I’m able to post the blog on Facebook again!!!

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