Wednesday, November 20

Fall 2019 Day 30

Relaxation!  Today was a day of rest!  It rained hard all morning so we just made breakfast and relaxed. I took a nap after breakfast and woke up to see the sun out!  So we went walking on the shores of the Mediterranean. It was kind of depressing!  The trash and plastic that has washed ashore made Emily’s first Mediterranean experience a little underwhelming. But then we just kept walking and eventually we got into it. It’s beautiful!  It started raining a little then we got to see a beautiful rainbow.  We had fun just walking and seeing the views. We walked back to our villa and we planned our tomorrow and decided what we were going to do for dinner while enjoying a late afternoon Aperol Spritz. We decided to go to a pizza and seafood place close by to make it easy. We aren’t close to any big towns, like 45 minutes away so we are trying to keep it as easy as possible with the driving. This one was definitely easy. It was good. Didn’t take a picture of the pizza, but it looked very similar to other pizzas you’ve seen! LOL. All in all, a quiet easy day. We are in our last week and we have only a couple of big sightseeing days left so it’s taking more and more to prepare for it. 5 weeks is a long time to keep up a pace like we try to keep. So we need to rest on occasion and take the occasional day of relaxation and enjoyment of where we are, both in location and in life!  I love Emily and I’m so lucky to be able to go on adventures with her like this. And to be doing it with friends has been a really special experience. Tomorrow’s blog will have lots of ancient stuff so it will have lots more pictures and amazingness than today’s. But thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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