Saturday, November 16

Fall 2019 Day 27

SICILY!!!!!  We made it all the way to Sicily and it feels really different and cool. It was a whirlwind today though. We woke up at 5:00 and got on a plane at 9:00 for Catania. Our friends were waiting for us at the airport in their car. We drove to Taoramina a gorgeous city was up the hills with a beautiful Greco-Roman theater. It was originally Greek but the Romans rebuilt it to the way they like them. It has an amazing view of the sea from the perch it sits on. Spectacular!  Then we had lunch at an absolutely incredible hotel to enjoy the view and also so we could have free parking up high in the city. Not easy to get. One small note about Sicily, the driving is absolutely insane!  I wouldn’t be driving, but we sure are glad our friend is doing it and doing so well!  It’s a true adventure!  After lunch we went up on Mt Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world and went to a vineyard for wine tasting. It was gorgeous and the wine was amazing. It has an amazing minerality to it because of the volcano and the soil. They paired everything with awesome local foods. Cheeses, salamis, soups, sausage, and some bread with their own amazing olive oil!  It was very impressive. They also have their wines in a warehouse in Chicago so they’ll ship it to you for free. Not bad!!  By the time we were done it was dark so we had to drive home in the dark with all the crazies. It wasn’t fun. It was so late we just grabbed snacks for dinner, had some more wine, it flows freely on Sicily. Then we were so exhausted we threw in a load of laundry, stared out the window at our apartments view. It’s built into a Roman Amphitheater. A once in a lifetime view!  Incredible!  We have been very lucky. Then we slept! HARD!  That’s why I didn’t put the pictures in order and that’s why the blog isn’t as descriptive as usual. We had a very long day, but all the pictures are here. There were lots of them. It doesn’t look like Rome!  What a fun day!!  We are very happy to be in Sicily and happy to be with our friends!  Thanks for reading. We have another big day tomorrow and I will do better in sharing details then. Goodnight!

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