Monday, November 11

Fall 2019 Day 22

Today we said goodbye to our guests and headed to Rome. It’s always sad to see a tour end, but this one hasn’t ended officially, because of the bad weather they are stuck in Chicago!  It’s hard to be here knowing they aren’t home yet!  I’ve called the airlines but there isn’t much I can do from here. I won’t be sleeping well!!  We got to Rome early this morning and checked in to our amazing place, see video below!!  Then we met our friends and started our Roman adventure. Rome has a very special place in my heart, I’ve been here many times, at least 10, and I can’t ever get enough!  The sights, the food, the people, the energy, there’s no place like it!  We went to our favorite coffee place first. We have been dreaming of this place for 2 years when we were here last and, while it’s name has changed, they have the same coffee machine and the same coffee beans so that’s all that matters!  Still the best coffee I’ve ever had!  It’s the coffee that made me start drinking coffee every day!  After that we walked to the Forum and the Capitoline hill, the hill at the end of the forum. We didn’t get to go inside the forum because we needed to get inside the Coliseum before it closed. They close it at 3:30!  That’s way too early!  But we did see a lot of the forum from the outside and still made it to the Coliseum. What an amazing place. It was fun watching our friends who love all things Italy experience it for the first time, but also their 4 year old daughter experience it!  She was in awe!  It was a blast!  After the Coliseum we walked back, by Trajans Column, an amazing pillar that tells the story of The emperor Trajan and his conquest of Dacia, or modern day Romania. It’s a cylinder with the story carved in a circle all the way up it. It’s an amazing thing that’s so well preserved after all these years!  You can follow the whole story. After that we ate a late lunch at a place that Emily and I have had very fond memories of that’s right around the corner from where we are both staying and then napped and cleaned up. We have been up since 3:30 this morning. We then met our friends and walked across the Tibur river to the Trastavere area of Rome. A place that we have been told by many has the best food in Rome.  We can’t argue after our first meal. Roman cuisine is right up our alley!  PASTA!!  It was amazing!  We grabbed our first gelato in Italy, which was excellent! And now we are home and can barely keep our eyes open!  We have to wake up early tomorrow too so I’m gonna sign off!  Lets all pray our tour guests get home soon and safely!!  We love you all!!

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