Tuesday, November 5

Fall 2019 Day 16

Today we got to take our tour of Avignon. It’s such a beautiful city!  We just love it here. We walked all through the back streets and small alleyways. It’s a medieval city with walls surrounding it and the streets are all cobblestone and many are incredibly narrow. I’d hate to drive a car around town. We got our van this morning and fortunately we only have to drive on the main drag. There are beautiful churches and fantastic indoor farmers market and great stores for shopping. There’s also surprises around every corner. We didn’t even get to the two biggest sights in town yet. The Palace of the Popes and the Broken Bridge of Avignon. We are definitely going at a slower pace than we usually do, but I feel that it’s important to make sure everyone gets why we love this place and why it’s special. Why it’s on our list of places we take people to. The food is fantastic here and that’s a great reason also. We had an excellent dinner tonight at a restaurant in a cute little Square in town. Emily and I split French onion soup and then I had a filet with a Foie Gras sauce with these wedge style frites that were as good as I’ve ever had!  It was great!  Emily had cod fish in a chorizo sauce that she absolutely loved. We had desserts also, of course. We were really excited for it because it was one of our favorite desserts of all. We were kind of disappointed in them. They were just ok. It didn’t change the fact that the meal was fantastic but the desserts we had, cheesecake and a chocolate cake with pistachio inside. The cheesecake had frozen yogurt on top of it, which was weird. The chocolate cake had a lot of almond extract in it which I love but if you use too much it really overpowers things. So, the flavors of both dishes were out of balance in my opinion. But, we would still go back any time, the food is excellent!  Tomorrow we have a farmers market tour in St Rémy with our friend Ashley who we did this with last year. She’s fantastic and we can’t wait to share her knowledge with our guests. We have a few other things planned and we are really excited. The pictures should be amazing!  Stay tuned!  It means so much to us to be able to share these experiences with everyone and we appreciate you all for reading our blog and being interested in our stories. We love you all!!

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