Monday, November 4

Fall 2019 Day 15

Today was a travel day and those are always hard. And also, traveling is always full of surprises!  You never know what each day will bring. We have weather to deal with and how much each person can handle each day and train schedules and just so many variables. But, it’s still worth it. Leaving Paris and heading to Avignon in Provence is always a special thing for Emily and I. It’s a place with meaning to us. We have met some amazing people here and have relationships that we have nurtured over the past 4 years and we love them truly. So coming here and seeing them again is very special to us!  We knew it was going to be special because on the train we saw 2 rainbows and that’s always good luck. We got off the train and walked into town. Checked into our Airbnb’s. We always stay in the same place and our hostess Corrine is someone we hold very dear in our hearts!  We got to our apartment and she greeted us with big hugs and we were just so happy to reconnect. The year seems so short when you see friends again. It felt like yesterday when we saw her last!  We are staying in both of her units here in Avignon and they’re both spectacular!  We checked in and, as she always does, she bought us 2 bottles of Provençal Rose named Emilie which is just so sweet of here. The fact that it’s delicious doesn’t hurt either. We sat around and had some rose for the first time in Provence which is special. That’s something that slows down the day though. We ended up just talking about our travel experiences until we all got hungry and went out for snacks before dinner. For dinner we went to our most special place!  A restaurant called E.A.T. In Avignon. It’s great food, but what makes it most special to us is the husband and wife who own it. Sebastian is the chef and he’s fantastic! Then there is Patricia who is the waitress, hostess, French teacher and most importantly, our friend. We just love them!  We learned today that they had a baby 4 months ago AND they are enlarging their restaurant. It only has 7 tables and it’s crowded all the time!  So when the can add a few more tables that’s a huge deal!  We are so happy for them!  Their daughter is gorgeous too!  We had an amazing dinner. Emily and I shared a smoked, dried beef appetizer with like an olive muffin. It was unlike anything I’ve ever had!  We loved it!  For dinner I had braised veal with apples and Emily got a fish stew. They were both so good!  Sebastian is a very talented chef who really knows his flavors!  We appreciate his originality and ability!  For dessert we all shared a chestnut sponge cake, a chocolate lava cake and a poached pear coated in speculoos. The poached pear isn’t something we love usually, but this was exceptional!!  We also had the best lava cake so far on this trip. Delicious!  But, our favorite is the chestnut sponge cake. It’s dense but light, flavorful and just flat out amazing!  We will be making it at the store this winter so make sure you keep your eye on the Facebook page and Instagram. We will post when we make it and make sure that Restaurant E.A.T. Gets all the credit for it!  Tomorrow we will tour the city and get to know our home in Provence. We can’t wait!  Great pictures are coming tomorrow so get ready!!  Today will be a little light, but tomorrow will make up for it. Thanks for reading!

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